Nowadays, every business follows technological advances and tries to adapt new strategies to stay competitive and grow the sales. Businesses constantly look for innovative and valuable solutions to promote their products and services. Webinars are smart solution for various businesses. One of the main advantages of webinars is that they work at any stage of business development – from raising awareness to creating loyal customer base. There are several ways that webinars help businesses to boost their sales. For instance, they help businesses to:

Learn about the audience: A webinar is a great platform to learn more about business’s audience and their preferences directly from them. Using online polls, surveys or Q&A sessions will give a lot of valuable information about the audience. Businesses may use these data to deeply understand who are their customers and further personalize their products/services. Understanding customers’ better means creating products/services that will satisfy their needs and influence their purchasing behavior.
Increase brand awareness: Businesses should not directly try to sell their products and services via webinars. Instead, webinars may help to show the trustworthiness of the company, its expertise and how it creates value for its customers. This may lead to increase in brand awareness and reputation. Well recognize brand means more sales!
Improve customer loyalty and retention: Both live and recorded webinars are great tools for keeping customers informed about the businesses’ activities and provide ongoing trainings on new features and their best practices. This creates a sense that the company cares about the customers and values their opinion. The statistics show, that customers tend to purchase from the companies who create connections with them.

This are only few examples how sales of businesses may increase from webinars you may learn about the positive effects of webinars by visiting these links:

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Changelog. July 2018

● It is now possible to join webinars without registering on
● Recordings can now be shared via email
● Webinar recordings can be uploaded on YouTube right from the control panel
● Users can choose access type - private or public - for videos uploaded on Vimeo or YouTube.
● New wizard has been created for making the process of creating webinars much more easier and faster!
● BBB webinar records can now be downloaded even if not recorded using our premium service. It will help you to download webinar records if you have BBB+Moodle integration.
● Users can now change default.pdf file on connected BBB server.

● Now users can see number of webinar invitations in their control panel header
● E-mail notifications can now be disabled from profile
● It is now possible to edit automated e-mail templates using placeholders
● We added VoIP parameters. So you can set up Asterisk/BBB Freeswitch integration and call directly to webinar via VoIP clients.

● System error when uploading .gif instead of .jpeg has been fixed
● Webinar academy tutorials can now be viewed on full screen mode
● Minor bugs have been fixed.

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Webinar Challenges and Their Solutions

Nowadays, various businesses and individuals understand the importance of webinars and their positive contribution on sales and/or brand awareness. However, there are several challenges that they should be aware of while preparing and hosting a winning webinar. Some of these challenges include:

Deciding on the right promotional channels
It is very important to promote your upcoming webinar in a right way and choose the channels that will target more potential attendees and help to generate more brand visibility. According to researches, the most effective channels for webinar promotion are emails, employee/personal networks, co-marketing and social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.). Thus, these channels have more potential to reach out the potential webinar participants and get them interested in the offer.

Choosing the right time to promote the webinar
It is also challenging to decide on the right time to promote the webinars. In case the time is chosen wrong businesses/individuals may lose potential participants and fail to achieve their targeted purpose. In order to avoid this problem, it is better to start the promotion three or four weeks before the webinar. The invitations and reminders may be send on Tuesdays in order to attract more registrants as this days is proven to be more effective for promotions. Along with this, the morning invites (9:00am – 11:00am) tend to catch up attention of more potential participants.

Keep audience engaged
It is essential to provide high quality content to audience during the webinars. However, only content is not enough to keep people engaged. Webinar providers must create a sense that attendees also participate in webinar and their opinion is valued. So, they can use polls, Q&A sessions, surveys to peak interest and make participants interested in the webinar. Along with this, well-organized slides and visual effects may also be a solution to raise engagement.
There is a lot more to learn about the challenges that webinar presenters face and the solutions that will help them out.

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Equipment You Can Use for Ultimate Webinar Set Up

A lot of individuals and businesses may be aware of tactics of hosting successful webinars. However, the equipment used during the webinars also plays a significant role in delivering high quality content and achieving the targeted goal. Many companies use webinars as a part of their marketing strategy and they need to be sure that they have the best equipment and technology at hand to be successful. The key equipment that businesses and individuals must test before starting the webinar and make sure they work properly include:

There is nothing more disturbing than a low quality audio quality. In webinars, the voice is the key and if your attendees have difficulties to hear you the probability of failing is huge. It is essential to make sure the participants hear you clearly in order to deliver your message and create a sense of professionalism.

Professional Webcam
Right camera is as essential as a good microphone. Based on various statistics attendees are more engaged in webinars if they see the speakers on webcam. It creates a sense of connection with the presenter and delivers more in-person feel. So, it would be beneficial to set a high quality webcam which will allow your video to look great on all monitors.

Earpieces are super helpful when hosting a webinar. They make it easier to hear your attendees’ comments and/or questions and do not ask to repeat the question. The small earpieces may be good solution to avoid any hearing issues.

Good lightning makes your webinars look more professional and deliver high quality image to your participants. Without proper lightening the presenter may not look at his/her best which will create a non-desirable impression.

Follow the suggested links to better understand which equipment you should use for hosting a successful webinar:

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Boost your rating! Tips to Create Better Webinars

Today, we live in a new world which is becoming more and more technology-driven. The webinars are one of the evaluations of advanced technology that solve various difficulties associated with attending long distance presentations/seminars. Webinars exclude lengthy flights, costly hotel stays and make people’s learning process more comfortable and time saving.

Everyone knows the power of the webinars. Whether you are a freelancer, coach or private instructor webinar has various benefits for you! It gives an opportunity to reach your clients, deliver value, promote and sell your products. However, a winning webinar is a mixture of psychology and quality. A webinar presenter should prepare high quality seminar and understand the psychology and purchasing behavior of people in order to succeed.
There are several tips that may be used to boost the webinar rating and give your webinar a perfect shape.

● Improve your story-telling skills. Spice up you presentation with great story-telling skills. It is easier to engage participants when you have good presentation skills especially public speaking and leadership skills. Hence, your webinar rating and customer satisfaction will rise in accordance to your sales/profits.

● Prepare a backup plan. No matter how much prepared you are, things sometimes can go wrong. Thus, before starting your webinar you should ask yourself several questions to make sure you are ready for any unexpected situation. For instance, you can ask yourself:
• What should I do if my computer crashed?
• What should I do if my internet connection incurs problems?
• Is the location where I host webinars quiet and comfortable?

● Craft the webinar content. You should have clear understanding on what you are going to show or teach people. You need to craft the information that you are going to deliver and be well prepared to deliver high quality content.

● Establish your authority. Authority is very important when you connect to your audience with the help of webinars. In the introduction part you need to immediately get people to believe in you and follow your advices. In case if people will not feel your sense of authority they will choose not to believe you and quickly leave the webinar.

● Use polls. People love answering polls. It gives them a sense that you value their opinion. Thus, you can include several easy-to-answer polls for engaging your customers. After the poll is ended you can display the graphic of the results on the webinar screen. Some poll questions may include asking what they want to learn, what the level of their expectations is from the webinar or other topic-related questions.

Hosting strong webinar may bring a lot of positive outcomes to you and/or your company. The following links will help you to find out more about critical skills for hosting a successful webinar and assist you to develop them.

Storytelling Should Be the Number One Skill You Want to Improve:

How to Craft More Usable, Useful, and Engaging Content:

How to Establish Authority in Your Field:

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