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Webinars are NOT Boring!

Author: Create Webinar Team

There are times when people hear the word webinar and they think of it as something boring. People find that online seminars without face-to-face communication and interaction may not be so interesting. Along with this, some people think that they will feel relaxed when they are not in front of public and will not stay concentrated and attentive to webinar. However, the specialists who organize the webinars already know the concerns of the public. They take into account all the drawbacks that webinars may have and work to enhance them. That is why the majority of webinars are NOT actually boring. Let’s look closer to this topic and understand why webinars are interactive and how professionals make it creative and engaging.

Webinars make connections!
Webinars are often one-sided but it does not mean that they are not personal and interactive. Webinar makers are often friendly and they use conversational language. This helps to create an environment where everyone is in equal position to understand and contribute to the topic. Along with this, webinar makers make more interactive slides. They understand that slides are essential to grab listeners attention and keep them involved in the topic. So, the slides are created in an attractive way, contain a lot of useful information and sometimes are even funny!

Voice is important!
In addition, lecturers pay specific attention to their voice and verbal communication skills. They know that speaking in an annoying and boring way will have negative consequences. So, they are well trained and prepared to engage people in the topic and speak with authority and confidence, because voice is the king in webinars. Along with this, there are webinars with two or more presenters. This is done to escape boring presentations and make people stay engaged.

Webinars are convenient and cost saving!
Isn’t it annoying when some professor at university does not allow to brink coffee or sweets with you? During the webinars you get very valuable and useful information in a place you feel comfortable with a cup of warm coffee. What is more important people do not need to travel abroad to participate in webinars. It saves both time and money as you connect to webinar online from your preferred place. Also, people feel more relaxed and it helps them to catch the information easier.

Live Q&A at the end!
People can ask questions at the end of webinar. A lot of people may feel more confident to ask question when they are not in front of public. There is no fear of asking a “stupid” question and people address all the questions they have confidently. There are even some webinars that give prizes to the attentive listeners who first correctly answers the questions at the end of the webinar. This motivates people and engages them to listen carefully and make notes to be able to participate in the Q&A session in the end of the session.
Well, as you see webinars are pretty interesting and engaging. It is very important to participate in some webinars and then form an opinion about them. As webinars may seem boring when you hear about them but they may turn very engaging when you participate in them!

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