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Webinars for business

Author: Create Webinar Team

Nowadays webinars are becoming an essential part of many businesses for various reasons, starting from promotion to education and customer care. The following points stated in this post will help you to reach a huge customer base and come up with right business decisions.

1. Webinars reach customers around the world on a real-time basis.
You can introduce your product or service and deliver its value to hundreds of prospects interested in your product or service. You can tell how your product or service can help them and what your value proposition is. Your audience can ask you questions and get answers on the training.

2. Get feedback about product or service and make modifications that will fit costumers’ needs.
It is very important to improve goods or services in continuing basis in order to win the rivalry. The feedback from customers is a powerful tool for improving a quality of products and services. “Fine-tuned” products and services will guarantee sustainable profit and cost saving compared with competitors.

3. A webinar can be a form of market research to understand the demand for new product or service instead of conducting traditional costly market research.
Before launching a new product, you should conduct market research and understand the need for a new product or service for planning business processes. Market research is necessary, but costly and timely tool. The webinar can be a suitable tool for some kind of market research to gain fast and big data (polls, multiple choice questionnaires etc.).

4. Networking is everything in the 21st century.
No doubt that networking is one of the cornerstones of successful business. The webinar itself is kind of networking. By adding some feedback futures to the webinars you can be in touch with customers, suppliers, partners etc. Current IT technologies allow designing systems with wide range of futures (for example webinar with simultaneous sales or order futures).

5. Education and training
There is no success in business without continuing education of employees. A webinar is a wonderful tool for organizing continuing educational process for all employees. Organizing the training or education is very hard and costly when offices or production sites are located far from the head office or training centre. Organizing education and training by webinars, enterprise saves two important things in business: time and money.

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