Essentials of Driving Webinar Registration

Webinar is a powerful communication tool that is very useful in today’s dynamic world. Webinars do not recognize any time zone or location boundaries, making it possible to connect the audience worldwide. However, before launching a successful webinar, it is crucial to make people interested in your webinar and click the “register” button.

As we know, the competition is rising and the number of webinar providers is increasing. Along with this, people are short of time and they work and study constantly. That is why webinar providers should use several tips and skills to drive the webinar registration and get people to attend them.

● Start early: In order to boost webinar registration it is beneficial to start promoting the webinar more than seven days ahead. Emailing participants is one of effective ways to send the invitations and reminders. You should start sending the first invitation more than 10 days in advance and do not forget about reminders. It is worth mentioning that offers automated email notifications that include sending reminders to participants as well, and it can be a very convenient tool for webinar hosts.
● Choose the right time: Sending the invitations is important, however, the time when participants receive the email also plays a significant role. The time when the emails should be sent depends on different factors like audience behavior, business and industry. However, there are several researches conducted that find the optimal time to be around 11am or after 2pm (after the lunch time). It is preferred to send the mails on Tuesdays or Wednesdays to get more people to register to your webinar.
● Choose the right language: Knowing your audience will help you to boost the registration. You will be able to understand the right language that you should use while communicating with them. For instance, writing very friendly email to a university professor will not be acceptable. The right jargon and terminology will help to leave right impression.
● Sound professional: The professional-looking emails can help webinar providers to attract the audience and increase the number of registered people. As we know, the first impression is very important as it determines the following outcomes. When people open the received email, it should be written in a way to make them continue reading and become interested in a topic. Thus, webinar hosts should pay attention on welcoming message sent to participant.
● Choose the right title and design: Designing your invitations also may play a role in boosting registration. The subject line should be short and informative. The preferred length is less than 30 characters so that people will be able to read the whole line while using any device. Along with this, it must signal about the content of the email.

Driving a webinar registration may be challenging, however, properly used tips may assist in this task. Webinar providers should take into consideration all the factors that can affect people’s decision behavior in order to host successful webinars.

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