Webinar Challenges and Their Solutions

Nowadays, various businesses and individuals understand the importance of webinars and their positive contribution on sales and/or brand awareness. However, there are several challenges that they should be aware of while preparing and hosting a winning webinar. Some of these challenges include:

Deciding on the right promotional channels
It is very important to promote your upcoming webinar in a right way and choose the channels that will target more potential attendees and help to generate more brand visibility. According to researches, the most effective channels for webinar promotion are emails, employee/personal networks, co-marketing and social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.). Thus, these channels have more potential to reach out the potential webinar participants and get them interested in the offer.

Choosing the right time to promote the webinar
It is also challenging to decide on the right time to promote the webinars. In case the time is chosen wrong businesses/individuals may lose potential participants and fail to achieve their targeted purpose. In order to avoid this problem, it is better to start the promotion three or four weeks before the webinar. The invitations and reminders may be send on Tuesdays in order to attract more registrants as this days is proven to be more effective for promotions. Along with this, the morning invites (9:00am – 11:00am) tend to catch up attention of more potential participants.

Keep audience engaged
It is essential to provide high quality content to audience during the webinars. However, only content is not enough to keep people engaged. Webinar providers must create a sense that attendees also participate in webinar and their opinion is valued. So, they can use polls, Q&A sessions, surveys to peak interest and make participants interested in the webinar. Along with this, well-organized slides and visual effects may also be a solution to raise engagement.
There is a lot more to learn about the challenges that webinar presenters face and the solutions that will help them out.

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