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The Secrets Behind Webinars. What is it, Why Do We Need it and How to Create One?

Author: Create Webinar Team

Webinar is a tool for conducting a large seminar over the Internet. The term comes from the words “web seminar.” Webinars revolutionized the ways of hosting business meetings or educational sessions offering unique solutions for distance education. It has a wide range of uses in various fields and a number of features, including:
● Webinars are Internet-based,
● Webinars can be used for doing presentations, conducting workshops, training or other sessions,
● Webinars have unlimited audience capacity,
● Webinars are live, but they can also be recorded and saved for watching later,
● Webinars are collaborative and interactive.

Who can conduct a webinar?
EVERYONE! Whether you are a tutor or representative of a company, webinars are for every single person having valuable knowledge to share with a particular audience.

Who is it for?
Webinars are for any person interested in the topic it covers. Different online platforms enable customizing the audience. For instance, CreateWebinar allows the webinar host to invite a targeted audience, make it available for the public to watch or approve the requests of interested people to join it. CreateWebinar also enables to add contacts and create contact groups making the invitations much more flexible.

What are the uses of webinars?
As already mentioned, the uses of webinars are broad; ranging from education to advertisement. Here are common reasons why people conduct webinars:

● Educational sessions – webinar is a cost-effective and convenient way for successfully conducting distance education. Educational webinars can be organized in the form of workshops, training, lectures, etc. It is possible to share related documents prior to the start of the webinar and prepare the audience for the learning process. The components of educational webinars are:
• Using tests to check the knowledge gained during the webinar,
• Using whiteboards and slides to present the learning material,
• Displaying the computer’s desktop for showing the learning material,
• Collaborative work among webinar participants.

● Business meeting – if you are a part of an international company or some of your colleagues work off-site, a webinar is a great alternative for face-to-face meetings. You can conduct meetings, orient new employees or train the staff and, at the same time, save time and costs on business trips. Webinars are also convenient for collaborating, sharing materials and working on shared tasks. The components of webinars for business purposes are:
• Conference calls with several people,
• Collaboration and interaction among webinar participants.

● Sales and Marketing – webinar is a great platform for selling products or services since it allows you to demonstrate products, introduce their benefits and, at the same time, discuss features with the targeted audience. Another benefit of using webinars for marketing is increasing the awareness of your brand. Over 60 % of B2B businesses use webinars for nurturing prospects on the services and products they offer. The components of marketing webinars are:
• Inviting a target audience,
• Sending the audience reminders,
• Follow-up email with the webinar content and recording.

● Question & Answer sessions – this type of sessions help to make a special bond with customers and engage them into the company’s activities. Questions help to understand what knowledge gaps do customers have and additionally nurture them on the specifications of products and services.

How are webinars conducted?
Webinars can be conducted in a number of ways. Hosts can record themselves, display the computer’s desktop or present presentation slides. Hosting webinars through CreateWebinar enables you to customize sessions, do the branding of the webinar room and emphasize professionalism.

What are the benefits of webinars?
Eventually, what are the benefits of webinars and are they really worth it?
• Flexibility is probably one of the most significant gains of webinars since they eliminate location limitations. This is a great feature allowing both the audience and host to join from different locations over the globe.
• Convenience – most webinars make the learning or information sharing experience more convenient by limiting timing barriers. Since webinars can also be recorded, the participants can pause it to take a rest and continue watching whenever it is suitable for them.
• Resource Saving – distance learning eliminates traveling costs required for reaching a particular institution for participating in a training or workshop. From the host’s side, it helps to save money on booking a location, preparing it for the session, providing food and beverage, etc. Besides traveling and location costs, webinars also help to reduce time spend on planning large meetings or educational sessions.
• Interactivity – webinars allow sessions to be more flexible since participants can start a discussion or direct questions to the host through chats. Therefore, every single participant gets an equal chance of contributing to the session. Moreover, in case of business meetings, all of the participants can connect through video conferencing and have contribution to discussions.
• Audience reach – webinars allow hosts to easily target and reach participants, invite them to join the webinar and send reminders. Furthermore, the number of participants is unlimited by giving more people a chance to share the experience. Features offered by webinar platforms enable to customize invitations by limiting the number of participants or making the webinar accessible to the public.
• Ease of use – webinars do not require any sophisticated equipment both from the host and participants. A device with an Internet connection is enough for watching a webinar, while for hosting one, there is a need for a microphone, webcam and proper lighting.

How to create one?
There are different tools over the Internet helping you easily conduct webinars. Regardless of which tool you choose, you will need to complete several steps to properly conduct your planned webinar. Those steps are:

  1. Choose the topic you are going to present,
  2. Confirm the date and time, and adjust time to the time zone,
  3. Customize your webinar room, so that it looks professional and represents your company,
  4. Decide on the audience and send invitations,
  5. Host your webinar,
  6. Send follow up email to keep the audience engaged.

Webinars require the host to have a few pieces of equipment for setting up. Those are:
• Microphone is a core requirement for providing a high-quality audio since voice is the key component of a webinar.
• Webcam is another essential device for displaying high-quality video. The quality is crucial for demonstrating professionalism and engaging more audience.
• Headphones are especially useful when having a webinar for a business meeting, as they make it easier to hear your fellows.
• Lighting is important for producing high-quality image and pleasing the participants’ eyes.
Currently, there are numerous platforms on the Internet offering solutions for people who want to conduct webinars. The platforms mainly provide similar features

CreateWebinar is one of the webinar creating platforms. It is a user-friendly tool that allows to create and host online conferences, lectures, training, presentations and other types of seminars. Along with the features presented above, CreateWebinar enables to:
• manage webinar schedule,
• choose webinar privacy,
• create contact list for automated notifications and invites,
• record webinars,
• access recorded webinars online, downloading or uploading to Vimeo,
• invite unlimited number of attendees, etc.
Whether you are conducting a webinar for a business meeting or educational session, you can rely on the unique solutions offered by CreateWebinar. CreateWebinar provides more than a sole webinar hosting; its customizable and super user-friendly features ease the process of setting up a webinar and help you stand out with professionally developed webinar rooms. You can check the User Guide for learning how to make the most use of all the valuable features.

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