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Changelog. August 2018

Author: Create Webinar Team

● Now you will get an email notification when webinar record is available for download.
● New look of ‘Join Webinar’ form. Countdown timer added in webinar room for tracking time.

● Not only webinar participants, but also the webinar organizer, will now be notified about updated webinar parameters by email.
My schedule menu now only lists the webinars that are created by the user.
● Updated error descriptions for “Show published recordings” function in My BBB servers section
● Payment history in Billing and payment section is updated automatically.
● Validation of webinar date was added

● Webinar link can now be viewed on the top of webinar parameters after clicking on ‘Edit webinar’ button.
● ‘Forgot password’ function for inactivated users has been fixed.
● Minor bugs have been fixed.

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