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The Future of Webinars. What You Should Keep on Track

Author: Create Webinar Team

Webinars are very effective tools for exchanging information and they are gaining high usage rates in numerous industries, including pharmaceuticals, consulting, financial, education, B2B and B2C advertisement, etc. The statistics indicates that 70% of B2B marketers consider webinars great instruments for engaging high-quality leads and turning them into buyers since only truly interested prospects are willing to join a 1-hour-long session. In this swiftly developing world, where digital transformations take place every second, standing out among competitors becomes more and more difficult. Therefore companies need to be innovative in every single way. This indeed also refers to
the webinar creation.

  1. Visuals will be the critical part of webinars. There should be more innovative and interactive ways for making participants stare at their laptop or smartphone screens for an hour or more. Be consistent with the design, visualize data through graphs, images, etc. It is also good to have short videos in the middle of a webinar for refreshing participants with something fresh. The future of the visuals included in webinars will be connected with more personalized slides and images.

  2. Webinar timing is predicted to face changes. Even though currently attendees prefer webinars to be some 30 to 40 minutes long, in the near future it will become a bigger commitment to stay connected that long. It is expected for companies to conduct much shorter sessions: 15-20 minutes would be considered perfect for providing information on an important topic, introducing industry updates or presenting product demos.
    Although webinars are intended to be live stream, about half of the registrants prefer to not join the live session. Taking into account the opportunity to reach participants in different time zones, more and more people opt for watching the webinar recording at a later, more convenient time.

  3. New techniques will be used to interact with the participants and boost their engagement rate. Q&A format will be considered more and more dull, while including online polls, surveys, even some fun activities and tasks is what will be the format of future webinars.
    To drive the level of interactivity up, webinar hosts may even enable one or a few of the participants to join the session by sharing their thoughts through voice and webcam.
    In the future, participants may even submit tasks for later individualized reviews, which indeed will make it easy to completely absorb the delivered content and will create lasting impressions.
    Another innovation would be tracking the engagement rate during the webinar. This will enable hosts to identify the level of interest and change their strategy any time to foster active participation.

  4. Personalization has penetrated every aspect of life. People are tired of generic advertisement that add absolutely no value. Everyone enjoys getting personalized emails, receiving personalized gift, reading personalized content….anything personalized matching to the prospect’s needs. What about personalizing webinars, too? The future of webinars is linked to reaching out the target audience through the most applicable advertisement means, making highly targeted ads and choosing a webinar title that would seem relevant and on-point to prospects. The only way to grab their attention is to touch their pains and make them believe in the solution offered by you. Here, the quality of audience, which in this case is relevance, should matter more than the quantity.

  5. The future also stimulates forgetting all the formality that limits fun at webinars. Audiences will look for webinars that are fun and entertainment, and, at the same time, provide valuable knowledge. Webinars do not even have to be conducted through a computer: in this day and age when everyone has a smartphone, it will be easier to follow webinars through such devices.

  6. Soon, prospects will become more critical in terms of webinar content. With the availability of the Internet, anyone has access to any kind of information. It becomes more and more difficult to create distinguishable content that will be fresh and unique. Hence, webinar hosts should focus on developing and delivering exclusive content that would actually provide valuable insights into any topic.

  7. To make webinar attendees follow the company’s future offerings, in the future, companies will tend to create communities. Here, the webinar participants can share their preferences, feedback and access exclusive information, which will be another drive for stimulating the audience to be engaged.
    Just like any other aspect of life, webinars are evolving. The changes in the preferences and behaviors of webinar attendees, drives companies to look for more innovative ways for conducting webinars. For keeping up with the industry trends, it would be effective to join www.CreateWebinar.com for conducting webinars. The platform not only provides user-friendly tools for conducting customized webinars, but also comes up with innovative features and solutions.

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