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Installation of the conversion script on your BBB server

Author: Create Webinar Team

If you already have your own BBB server, which you use to conduct webinars, then you can install an additional script on it that will allow you to convert your webinars into MP4 format. The final webinar file will include audio, video presentations and screen broadcast recording, if it was enabled during the webinar.

You can find the code of the script by following the link: https://github.com/createwebinar/bbb-download
In order to install the script on the BBB server, you must have root access to it.

In order to conveniently use your records, we recommend you connecting your Big Blue Button server to the control panel https://createwebinar.com. It will allow you to simplify access to your records and download them in one click. To do so, add your BBB server to the list in My BBB servers section:

Open the console of your server or use “Connect via SSH” feature from the My BBB servers section to execute installation commands on your server.

Next, run the following commands on the server:

git clone https://github.com/createwebinar/bbb-download.git 
cd bbb-download
chmod u+x install.sh 
sudo ./install.sh
# To convert all of your current recordings to MP4 format use command:
sudo bbb-record --rebuildall

After installation of the script, each webinar, after its completion, will be converted into a video file and it can be downloaded via the link in the following form:
https://yourBBBserverURL/download/presentation/{meetingID}/{meetingID}.mp4 where {meetingID} is the unique identifier of the conference in the Big Blue Button system.

Click “Show published recordings” button to see the list of webinars:

Here you can download webinars or watch them online.

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