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Changelog. October 2018

Author: Create Webinar Team

● “Request to participate” table moved to Dashboard section
● New filters were added to “Contact list” in My contacts section
● Now in “Branding” section of the control panel menu you can upload background image for webinar room as a file
● Now you can use coupons to pay for our services

● Webinar description added in e-mail notifications
● Webinar information button now shows full info about the webinar
● We have rebuilt all tabs in Billing and payment section
● Status of the webinars in the ‘Dashboard‘ section is now updating in real time
● Webinar title and date is now shown, when clicking on ‘Invitations’ icon at the top right corner of the control panel
● Additional validation for e-mail verification during the registration and ‘sign in’ process
● Android application now requires version 5.0 and up

● Issues related to sorting columns in the ‘Billing and Payment’ section have been fixed
● Issues related to deleting webinars from the “All Webinars” table have been fixed
● Issues related to saving the draft version of webinars have been fixed. Now all parameters entered in the draft will be saved.
● Create webinar wizard has been fixed
● Minor bugs have been fixed

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