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How to create webinars for free in 4 steps

Author: Create Webinar Team

Reasons for choosing FREE webinars over paid alternatives

Have you ever wondered how to gather everyone in one place while being in different locations and having having different time zones? The best alternative solution is here! Try doing webinars and delivering your message to your target audience momentarily on real time. But note that some initial preparation is required. There are several prerequisites that need to be fulfilled from your side to create webinars successfully. Here comes one of the webinar rules that is “preparation”.

Tips and skills for using free webinars

If you want to start hosting effective webinars without spending hundreds of dollars, then keep reading this blog! In this blog we will tell you how to create webinars at low cost or even for free. We are sharing with you how to conduct webinars while having a low budget.

After you read this blog you will possess skills and tips for creating low cost and profitable webinars.

CreateWebinar as your best choice

No matter how profitable your business is or how much you are willing to pay for webinars, we still offer you to choose available free webinar software. Free webinar can increase your profits by saving your time and reaching your goals. By doing a research companies and individuals can find best providers of free webinars for conducting online meetings. These webinar companies offer clients high quality webinar facilities at no cost. Of course CreateWebinar is one of them. CreateWebinar has made online meetings easy with a brand new technology. Free webinars are now available on CreateWebinar.com, hurry up to sign up or if you have an account log in and start your FREE webinar today.

How to create free webinars on CreateWebinar.com

Along with its hourly rate and unlimited packages, CreateWebinar.com offers a free package for BigBlueButton users. Following steps are required for creating free webinars using CreateWebinar:

Step 1. Install BigBlueButton server

First of all you need to install BigBlueButton server, which is an open source web conferencing system. It is based on GNU/Linux operating system and runs on Ubuntu 16.04. In addition to various web conferencing services, it has integrations for many of the major learning and content management systems.

Follow the link for installing BigBlueButton server: http://docs.bigbluebutton.org/install/install.html

Step 2. Register on CreateWebinar.com

Next, you should register on CreateWebinar.com via email or your social media account. After activating your account you will have access to CreateWebinar.com control panel.

Step 3. Add your BBB server on CreateWebinar.com

Go to My BBB server section in the left sidebar. Click on ‘Add BBB Server’ button and a window with 3 fields for entering parameters will pop up. Parameter values for server name, API URL, and shared secret are available to BBB server administrator. After entering the data you can test your BBB server using Check BBB API button. Then click Save and you will be notified about the successful addition of the server.

From User BBB servers menu in the Manage your BBB server section, you can manage your BBB server via SSH through opening terminal console.

After completing the mentioned actions, your account is ready for organizing webinars and participating as a listener.

NOTE: Adding a BBB server is required for organizing a webinar. If you are only planning to participate in webinars, then you don’t need to add a server.

Step 4. Create your first FREE webinar on CreateWebinar.com

Creating a webinar starts with clicking on Create Webinar section in the sidebar.

Go to Create Webinar section in the sidebar. Enter the Title of the webinar. In Webinar date and time field it is required to correctly enter the start time of the webinar taking into account the time zone specified in your profile.

The service allows you to create webinars based on three different access types:

  1. Open for all webinars allow anyone with a link to webinar to join it. The link generated for this type of webinar allows any user to enter your webinar without registration on createwebinar.com.

  2. Approval required webinars require confirmation by organizer. After clicking the link to webinar, participant can request for participating in the webinar. The organizer either can approve or reject the request. For participating in a webinar both an organizer and a listener are required to have a service account on createwebinar.com

  3. Closed list webinars are those in which only contacts who have received invitation can join, without the option of adding new participants. For participating in a webinar both an organizer and a listener are required to have a service account on createwebinar.com

The type of webinar is selected from the drop down menu from Type of Registration section.

All other settings in Create Webinar section are identical for creating any type of videoconference.

Next, you should select Your server, choose it from dropdown list, and add Duration of the webinar, i.e. how long you want the webinar to last.

Any information based on your preferences can be entered in the Description field. This information will be visible to everyone and will be displayed on the right side group chat window during the webinar.

Next to Logout URL you can specify website where the listeners will be redirected after the end of the webinar when clicking the Quit button.

For creating rooms available for mobile devices switch Use HTML5 Client to yes position.

Now let’s get to the Additional parameters.

  1. Tick the Recording checkbox if you want to have video recording option,.
  2. Moderator Only Message will only be visible to moderators - on the right side group chat window.
  3. Checking Auto Start Recording starts the video recording as soon as the first listener joins webinar.
  4. Allow Start/Stop Recording option allows moderator manually to start and stop webinar recording.
  5. Checking Webcams Only for Moderator box gives the right of using the webcam only to the moderator.
  6. Checking Join after moderator field does not allow participants to join webinar before moderator.

Now let’s look at the four options of inviting webinar participants.

  1. One of the options is uploading contacts from excel spreadsheet by clicking on Load list of visitors button. You can download the excel template by clicking on the cloud icon on the right side of the button. After uploading the filled table, all the contacts will appear both in the Webinar visitors list at the bottom of the page and in the contact list of your createwebinar.com account in the chronological order of their addition.
  2. The next option is useful if you want to add just one or several webinar participants without uploading excel spreadsheet. By clicking the Add single visitor button, you will see a pop-up window, which should be filled with participant information and saved by clicking the Save button. Added contact will be displayed in the Webinar visitors list at the bottom of the page and in the contact list of your createwebinar.com account.
  3. Another option is to add all users from specific group. Click on the Add from groups… button. Choose one or several groups and click OK.
  4. The next option of adding webinar participants is through your createwebinar.com address book by clicking the Add from contacts button.

When participants are added, you can click on the ‘Add webinar schedule and send invites by emails’ button.

You should activate the webinar before the webinar start time. To do so go to the Schedule section in the sidebar and click on green Start webinar button. Createwebinar will ask you about webinar duration again.

NOTE: after the specified duration webinar will automatically be finished and webinar room will be closed.
Everyone included in the Webinar visitors list will receive an automated e-mail inviting them to participate in the conference.

How to benefit from webinar features and advantages for free

Another important condition for having FREE webinar package on createwebinar.com is obtaining BBB server of your own. Once it is done you can benefit from the following features for free:

● 3 types of access to webinar (open for all, closed list, approval required)
● Community & free support
● Support iOS, Android without any app
● No software limits of attendees
● No software limits of presenters
● E-mail notifications
● Watch webinar recordings online

Have a closer look at free webinar features

    1. You are free to choose any of the available 3 alternatives. In case you create open for all webinar, everyone can join the webinar without a special invitation or approval. Next possible option is having a closed list. In this case only those who have been invited by you will have access to the webinar. Finally the last type of free webinar is the one that requires an approval. After you approve the request to join, other participants can take part in the webinar. In the below inserted picture you can have a better understanding of how you can choose these options on the website.

    2. Next advantage of registering on CreateWebinar.com is being part of a great community. Moreover fast and free support from specialists will assist you when having a question or an issue.

    3. CreateWebinar gives availability anytime, anywhere you are by using your smartphone. Createwebinar website can be displayed on your iOS and Android systems. So we can conclude that there is no necessity for a separate application installed on your device.
    4. No matter how big your audience is or how many devices are going to be connected to your webinar, a good quality of audio and video is guaranteed. So, no limitation of attendees is applied.
    5. When inviting your future attendees to a webinar you want to make sure they are notified about it and no one will miss the webinar. For this purpose you invitees will receive an email notification.
    6. After you have successfully held a webinar and recorded as a video, you can save it and watch later anytime. Also, you can download webinar record as MP4 file with advanced control panel with a monthly or yearly subscriptions or with a private server with unlimited scope for a monthly or yearly subscription.

Advantages of using CreateWebinar

By logging in with your login and password or by using your social media accounts you will have access to multiple options. On our website you can be your own boss and make your choice from available alternatives. We are more than sure that you have heard about advantages of using CreateWebinar.

These benefits include:

  • bigbluebutton trainings,
  • BBB meetings,
  • subscription options,
  • cloud based infrastructure,
  • opportunity to save your content to your server anytime,
  • no marketing limitations, and safety.

CreateWebinar from users’ perspective

Free webinars are very appealing especially for those of you that prefer to save their time and financial means. Why spend more than needed. CreateWebinar gives the option to conduct free webinars if you or your company have already installed BigBlueButton on your computers. In this case a FREE powerful control panel for your BigBlueButton will be provided. Moreover, in case you are planning a one time webinar, do not worry, the best solution is now available. You can pay just for the hours used without yearly, or even monthly subscription. While being a member of CreateWebinar community you will receive advantages such as latest available webinar tools in one place.

On CreateWebinar you can create webinars and invite your friends and colleagues to join the call. We don’t limit our users and you can invite as many listeners as you want within our server capabilities. We have a special widget, which shows the maximum number of participants for certain package at the time of subscription. Joining CreateWebinar takes one simple step of registering online by using your email and password. By adding your colleagues and friends to your contacts list you will able to easily invite them to webinars by clicking on their names. Moreover, you will be allowed to create an excel file with a list of contacts and just simply upload it to your webinar page under the box called “list of visitors”. Below inserted picture shows all mentioned options on our website.

If you ever need to go through your webinar again, in case you did not have time to take notes or did not manage to participate in the webinar, there is a special tool that allows you recording the webinar from the moment you wish. The recorded file is saved to your account.

The final feature of your webinar that will ease your communication is live chat box. The live chat is where participants of the webinar will exchange information and communicate. Live chat will give you a great option to chat while having the webinar. Another useful feature that will add value to your webinar is sharing documents. These documents can be in several formats including Microsoft excel, word or even pdf files.

If you are already using other platforms this is the right time to switch to CreateWebinar.com. Do not hesitate to create your future webinar online for free by just registering on CreateWebinar.com today. Our applications are now available on Google Play and App Store as shown on our website below. Our applications can be downloaded to your mobile phone supporting Android or iOS systems, to your computer and other devices such as Ipad, etc. Click on the links and get a quick access to the applications.

For Google Play please visit:

For AppStore please visit:

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