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Changelog. November 2018

Author: Create Webinar Team

● We have added screenshare support in HTML5 version of webinar room for ‘Unlimited package’ and ‘Hourly rate’ webinars in Google Chrome browser. To share your screen you need to install the extension.
● Now you can choose default branding preset for webinar room.

● Now you can change client and branding parameters after webinar is activated.
● ‘Unsubscribe’ button has been added in our email notifications.
● Now you can upload images up to 1 Mb as a background image for webinar room in Branding section.

● Issues related to premium user requests have been fixed.
● Issues related to ‘Server expired’ and ‘Webinar cancelled’ mailings have been fixed.
● Issues related to ‘Approval required’ type of webinar have been fixed.
● Minor bugs have been fixed.

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