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How To Successfully Create And Host Webinar | Step By Step Guide

Author: Create Webinar Team

Why choose webinars

Not only multinational companies with branch offices around the world, but also small businesses and individual entrepreneurs are looking for solutions to overcome the distance barrier and expand to new markets. After considering some possible ways of fast and effective communication barriers are overcome by choosing createwebinar.com as their way of conferencing! Today, we all know that the best way to deliver our message to the target audience is online communication with felxible, fast and easy access. Communicating through webinars is a professional means of conferencing. We all represent various fields of activities, such as education, training, business, blogging, travelling, etc. The latter are connected in a way of trying to reach out to people who we want to teach something, train them, conduct business meetings or just share our experience and some valuable information.

How to host a webinar

Some of you might still be looking for ways of hosting webinars! Createwebinar.com is here to help you make the right choice. Visit createwebinar.com and this website will change your webinar experience. In this short but meaningful blog post I will share with you the best tips and must do’s of webinars for beginners and not only.

What it takes to create a webinar?

Based on my webinar hosting experience I would like to share with you my practical knowledge. Let me emphasize some of the best tips and more specifically the 4 must do’s of hosting webinars. These 4 phases will allow you to grow your audience, increase the number of your customers, trainees and become more successful in a short period. A more detailed explanation and description is presented below. The 4Ps of hosting webinars are as follows:

  1. Preparation
  2. Promotion
  3. Pitching
  4. Post webinar

Early planning is always the best for excluding any kind of risks and unexpected events.
● When to start the preparation – a week or 10 days before you conduct a webinar
● How to organize – create your content, send out invitations and promote your webinar
● What to do – think beforehand of your webinar topic prepare the registration page for invitees

Promotion is one of the key steps to your webinar success. Your main steps should include:
● Start your promotion plan 7 to 10 days prior to the event.
● Promote your live webinar by sending out emails and posting on social media

Determine your goal beforehand and start pitching! Here are some points to emphasize:
● Pitching is all about the live webinar itself!
● Make sure you have created a speech that delivers maximum audience impact
● If your final target is increasing your sales, get your inventory ready for future orders

Now it is time for post webinar actions to take place. Here is what you should do:
● Analyze key metrics
● Post webinar follow up
● Sending out at least 3 emails


The first “P” stands for Preparation.
Depending on your webinar scope, volume and situation choose the most convenient and effective time period for the preparation. The ideal best practice from our real life experience is starting the journey from 7 to 10 days prior the webinar. Initially make a checklist and make sure to follow the right order of steps to end up with a perfect webinar that will be both successful and hustle free. Moreover, you need to create appropriate content relevant to your webinar topic. Based on your topic and content you can now start designing your registration page and choosing most accurate ways of promotion.

Choosing webinar topic can be the most important decision towards successful session. Simply follow the steps listed below:

1. Copy stalking:
Your most valuable skill as a business owner is being aware of all the trends and interests of your present and potential future clients and customers. By benefiting from online analytical tools, find out what your clients are talking about, what they are mostly interested in and what topic should attract them, make them more engaged, and increase their loyalty towards your business.

2. Look at Your Most Popular Content:
If your have social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, analyze some statistics and create a content that is the most popular among your followers and subscribers.

3. Keep it Small & Specific:
● PICK A WEBINAR TITLE: Title should be short, clear and concise and summarize the main point your webinar will be focused on
● CREATE YOUR REGISTRATION PAGE: Registration page can be created either on your website or by using one of the available online software.
● CREATE PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL: Promotional material can be in the form of fliers or online posts. Make online posts in different sizes and shapes to match Facebook, Twitter or Instagram standards.
● OUTLINE YOUR WEBINAR CONTENT: At this stage you are not required to have your content fully ready but you need to have the outline of the content. Make sure that your outline contains bullet points and main topics are highlighted. In case you hesitate on choosing the right topics, go ahead and make a research.
● KNOW YOUR WEBINAR OFFER: While conducting a webinar you should always have in mind the message you are sending out to your webinar attendees and what you are offering so your content will be in accordance with your speech.


● PROMOTE YOUR WEBINAR TO YOUR EMAIL LIST: Collect a list of available email addresses of your target audience and send out an invitation, let them know about the upcoming webinars, mention the date, time, ask them to share the information with their friends and acquaintance as well as share the post on social media.

● POST A RELEVANT BLOG POST: Write a blog post, share it on relevant sources that shares the subject and content of your webinar.

● PROMOTE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: If you already have followers and subscribers then do not hesitate and make promotional posts to make your webinar more popular.


Once you have completed the 3 initial steps mentioned above, now you are ready to start the actual webinar.

THE KEY TO PITCHING: Based on your listed outline start your webinar and make sure you deliver the most important messages during the time frame of your webinar. Try not to go longer than anticipated.

● Introduction: In the introduction, you have to get the attention and make the webinar interesting so your audience will have further motivation to listen to your speech.
● Content: this is everything you have planned to talk about, including all the main topic and pitching offers.
● Transition: You need to make a smooth transition from one point to another.
● Pitch: Deliver smart messages that will indirectly lead your listeners to further actions such as sales, subscriptions etc., whatever move is your target and goal.
● Q&A: Do not forget to give 15 minutes for questions and answers session to increase you audience’s engagement and satisfaction.


Good job! You just did the webinar and it went even better than anticipated but you are not done yet! The best way to sum up the webinar session after the webinar is completed is follow up strategy.

After the webinar is over you will have a complete list of emails of those who registered and participated in your webinar. Benefit and the get most out of this list of participants by sending them 3 types of emails. First, take those emails and 12 hours later send out a thank you email for participation, remind them about the offer that you have. Afterwards, later on, send out one more email to the same group of people, send them the same offer description that you spoke about during the webinar.

Have you already thought about your first webinar? Make your webinars easy, fun and interesting. Just by following 4Ps of webinars!
Visit createwebinar.com and create webinars for free!

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