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6 Reasons Why Webinars are Essential for Content Marketing

Author: Create Webinar Team

Human beings are visual creatures and most of us process information based on what we see. Moreover, 65% of us learn things better visually (according to the Social Science Research Network). Taking this into account, businesses today are actively implementing social media visual tools to share catchy and memorable content with their clients and to increase their social media presence.

What is content marketing.

Content marketing is about information.

In other words, it is a form of marketing that involves sharing of educational, insightful and relevant information to a targeted audience. Content marketing helps businesses to expand their customer base, increase brand awareness and engage an online community of users. Unlike traditional marketing, this alternative form of communication does not involve direct sales, instead, it aims to build trust and connection.
Content marketing institute has accurately described it as:
A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience - and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Quality, useful and engaging content is essential for marketing strategy. However, creating an effective and compelling content is not as easy as it seems. Therefore, in today’s digital world marketers are using webinars for interactive content creation and thus targeting their audience.

In the area of marketing, webinars have become a popular way to engage or create participation with prospects and clients. Today’s businesses and entrepreneurs choose Createwebinar.com as their way of professional conferencing as it allows to deliver their message through online communication with flexible, quick and comfortable access. No matter what is the field of activity (education, blogging, business, etc.), all of them are connected in a way of trying to reach out to people, teach something, hold business meetings or simply share valuable information.

Here are 6 reasons why webinars are important as a content marketing tool:

Building a bigger audience and contact list. Concentrating all your consumers in one event makes the event seem more powerful and increases both visibility and credibility, especially if you publicize your estimated attendance level in advance.
Interactivity. One of the biggest advantages of webinars is their level of interactivity. Users in webinars can submit questions, start a discussion with you (if you allow it). This type of interactivity makes a content engagement look a little more like social engagement, which in its turn, makes this form of communication more appealing to participants looking for that additional level of value in their content needs.
Showing, instead of telling. Online users are getting bored of the written content that has only a brief description. They prefer showcases and demonstrations and the format of webinars are suitable for showing, rather than telling, which makes them much more persuasive than an average post.
Lead generation. Webinars can serve as a perfect lead generation tool, as every user/ prospective client is required to register for attending a webinar. It is even possible to include this barrier before you allow users to download your past webinars. Even if the webinar does not go as planned and you don’t have as much interaction as expected, you will still end up with an increased email list and potential leads to follow up with.
Future value. At first sight, webinars may seem like one-time events, however, one of the best functions that webinars offer is the option of recording your webinar and offering it as a download on your website. This way you are able to build an archive that your users can access at any time and refer to topics you have covered.
Affordability. In terms of time and cost investment webinars are clearly at an advantage compared to live events, as they don’t come with high production or design costs. Due to their cost-effectiveness, you don’t need to worry about canceling a webinar due to low attendance. You can easily promote your webinar without making large investments, especially when you cooperate with other people who work in your sphere and can promote you to their audience.

Normally, the hardest part of creating a webinar is finding the right topic that is applicable to creating valuable content. Most businesses have numerous topics that can be used to create a webinar, however, the most effective ones are “how to” webinars. They direct the attention straight to your brand and are highly relatable to the needs of the customer. For businesses aiming to improve the effectiveness of their content marketing, hosting a webinar can be a helpful tool. That’s why understanding the various features of a webinar and being able to implement them in the scope of your business’s content marketing is essential for a successful marketing strategy.

Createwebinar offers different packages based on preferences of its users, including a free standard control panel package with features such as:

● Managing the webinar schedule
● Choosing among 3 types of webinar privacy (open for all, requiring approval, closed list)
● Creating a contact list for automated notifications and invites
● Recording webinars
● Accessing recorded webinars online, downloading or uploading to Vimeo
● Inviting an unlimited number of attendees, etc.

You need to be ambitious with your webinar content, especially if the webinar is presented live. If you compare eBooks with live webinars, you will notice that while both of them have a registration requirement, eBooks get steady amounts of downloads over time. Webinars, on the other hand, hold out the prospect of increasing your audience with real-time feedback, poll results, and tweets. Also, you can pick your best webinar with the highest attendance and create an eBook from it.

A good content marketer delivers high-quality content. A great content marketer delivers high-quality content at scale. To produce a large amount of value-adding content you need to learn some essential webinar functions such as repurposing. By repurposing your webinar you can break down the component parts of the webinar to easily create new variations of the underlying content (the video of the presentation, the audio of the presentation, the audio transcript, the slides, the presenter notes, the questions of the audience, the poll results).

There are also numerous webinar platform functions that give Createwebinar users more control over their on-platform experience:
● Record and playback – watch and record webinars online.
● Whiteboard – draw on the whiteboard using a variety of tools.
● Desktop sharing – share your desktop with webinar participants.
● Integrated VoIP (coming soon) – use BigBlueButton’s out-of-the-box voice over IP (VoIP) conferencing.
● Presentation – upload your PDF presentation and show it slide by slide.
● Webcam – allow participants to share via webcam during the webinar.

Whether you are a new corporation or you work in a fully matured business industry, you definitely got the substantial knowledge that can interest your target audience in a way that is valuable to them and highlights your expertise in your field. This knowledge is the ideal base for creating a powerful webinar.

Today consumers have more control over their buying choices, mainly because of the increase in communication channels. Keeping up with an increasing trend toward content marketing can be challenging for businesses, especially when the number of marketing tools constantly change. That’s why 66% of marketing specialists choose webinars as one of the most effective content marketing strategies. In combination with other marketing activities such as email and content marketing, webinars are capable of adding value to businesses.

In order to be successful, entrepreneurs should always be open to implementing new tools and strategies, so put a ‘webinar’ in your current to-do list. Commit to a topic, set a date, and start attracting potential attendees through email and social media promotion. To dig deeper into how to optimize your content marketing strategy with webinars join Createwebinar.com, where you can find multiple tools to create an effective webinar and boost your rating!

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