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Webinars are NOT boring!

Author: Create Webinar Team

There is a misconception among many people that webinars are boring. They actually aren’t! If you think of webinars as online sessions when one speaks, the rest listen, of course, they might be. But online seminars are more than one person speaking about a dull topic and others not listening to it. Moreover, they stretch beyond old-fashioned slides and presentations.

When hosting webinars, one should understand that in today’s online world, where everything is filled to the brim with exciting content and fun online activities, hosting a traditional webinar will hardly bring any results.

If you have made a decision to market your product or service via webinars, which by the way is a good decision, kudos to you for that, try to branch out and spice them up with different techniques.

There are multiple ways you can make your webinars more exciting, both for you and your attendees.

Switching Formats

Changing up the format of your webinars every now and then will definitely do you good. To maintain the loyalty of your audience and to attract new attendees you need to take the interest-arising factor of your online seminars more seriously.

Different webinar formats will surely do the trick for you and make your online lessons or trainings more exciting and less humdrum. Here are a few webinar formats that will change your webinar game:

1. The Interview: 1-On-1 Webinars
In the interview webinars, there are no presentations or slides. It is just you (the host) and the interviewee. To better understand this webinar format and how to conduct it properly and in the most amusing way, think of it as of some kind of a show. A show where you interview a ‘celebrity guest’.

As in any other case, you should be well-prepared for this kind of events, especially when you are going to host a live webinar.

Firstly, prepare the questions you are going to ask your guest and make sure you are on the same wavelength as him/her. There is little room for mistakes during live webinars, as you are limited in time and there is no going back.

The second important thing is the setup. The way your audience is going to see you is crucial, as that is what’s going to make the impression on them. Are they going to watch your webinar like they would a TV show, or will they still get the feeling of an old-school webinar? That’s totally up to you.

If you still feel like you lack slides and virtual aids, the easiest and most efficient way is setting up a screen where your presentation will be running throughout the interview, with the slides corresponding to your questions.

2. Panel Discussion Webinars
Panel discussion webinars imply inviting a few guest speakers, who will debate or exchange opinions on certain topics. This kind of webinars will surely attract an audience that is tired of single-lecturer webinars and wants to broaden their horizon by listening to multiple opinions on one and the same subject matter.

Panel discussion webinars require a lot of prepping. First off, you need to select the right speakers. Of course, you are going to choose people who will not only bring value to your online discussion but also provide a flow of attendees on their end. Make sure these people know how to use webinar platforms. Using CreateWebinar as a means to organize a panel discussion webinar will result in a smooth experience for you and your guest speakers.

The second step is to decide on the speaking order and a way to manage the time for each of the speakers. Be prepared for your webinar panel discussion to turn into a heated debate. So, make sure you can send a signal to each of the speakers (e.g. a private chat message) to end their speech so that the other guests can take their turn.
Last but not least, do not forget that webinar attendees should always be a priority. After you have settled everything up, create an agenda to let the audience know what to expect.

3.Case Study Webinars
If you are planning on marketing your business via webinars and not running case studies, we would recommend you to review your strategy, as case studies are gaining massive popularity nowadays. The reason for this is because customers trust other customers and getting to know someone else’s experience on a product or service they have long wanted to try not only can be a final call to action but also add to your trustworthiness.

To host a live case study webinar you need to invite one or two people who have used your product and can share their opinion on it or have implemented the service you offer and have some thoughts to share.

Two ways to successfully conduct a case study webinar is either by interviewing your guests or simply letting them speak their mind. Either way, remember that the host is the key player and how things will flow depends mainly on him/her. Prepare well-thought-out interview questions and listen to your guest so attentively as to be ready to take part in the case study at any point.

The goal of case study webinars is to discover the potential of your product through customer experience.

Webinar Series

Have you ever thought about why many people enjoy watching TV series? Because they get them caught up with suspense and a nice feeling of anticipation. Making webinar series will do the same thing: your webinar audience will be looking forward to the next episode of your webinars, and eventually, you will end up with a solid number of loyal attendees.

Making plain webinar series is not enough to get the attention of viewers, indeed. You need to put a little effort and a handful of creativity in it. Here are a few ideas on how to conduct a webinar series to entertain your audience and be a successful webinar host.

1. Quick Tips
Sometimes what people are looking for is not an hour-long webinar, but a 15-20-minute video that will still act as a source of information and add up their knowledge in a certain field. Quick tip webinars are helpful when you are trying to deliver to your audience valuable yet short content.

This kind of webinars can be live or prerecorded. You can also invite guest speakers relevant to the topic of discussion or present it yourself. The topic of the series depends on your field of expertise and the general content your audience associates you with.

Remember that people are always up for tips and tricks to develop their skills and make life easier. To make these series even more memorable and make people wait for them impatiently, choose one day of the week and broadcast your webinar quick tip series with the same schedule for a month or two.

2. Weekly Q&A sessions
It is no secret that interactivity is key when it comes to good host-attendee relationships. In fact, the success of your webinars majorly depends on how interactive they are. Weekly Q&A sessions will give answers to all questions that your loyal viewers might have developed.

If you do not incorporate such sections into your long webinars, then weekly sessions will definitely come in handy. You will get to clarify all questions that might have been left unanswered since your last online training or class. At the same time, you will give your audience time to digest the information you have provided and see what they have misunderstood.

3. Series of Best Practices
Most people are always interested in best practices, especially when it deals with their sphere of activity. If you are running webinars on digital marketing, running a series of best practices in this field will definitely attract the interest of your regular attendees. You can finish off this kind of short webinars with a few minute commentaries on the topic.

To make the most use out of your successful webinars, you can break them into short ‘episodes’ and upload on such platforms as Youtube or Vimeo. This will benefit two bo0th sides – your attendees will get to re-watch your recordings and you will get more views. This is also a great way to get new followers and potential viewers for your upcoming events.

Involve The Audience

One of the most efficient ways of making your webinars more enjoyable for your attendees is trying is making the online sessions more involving. Do you remember how much you were bored during the classes when you had nothing to do? It pretty much the same with webinars. Engage your audience and you will see instant results.

When it comes to audience involvement, there are some ways you can jazz up your webinars, as dry webinar sessions simply do not work anymore.

Conducting surveys is a great way to find out more about your audience and get to know them better. Getting feedback from people who watch you is the most valuable asset for a webinar host that wants to grow and evolve as a professional.

Surveys are quite effective when your goal is to boost involvement and interest, as all people like when their opinion counts.

Surveys can be conducted before and after the event. Each of these surveys will contribute differently to the improvement of your webinars.

Pre-webinar surveys
Sending out survey questions before the main event will not only get your audience excited but also help you learn more about your attendees and their expectations. Ask them questions on things you are hesitant about or would like to get another opinion on. Perhaps your vision differs from the expectations of your audience?

Post-webinar surveys
Running surveys after webinars is a productive thing to do and by no means is a waste of time, especially if you are planning on hosting more webinars.

Weigh the benefits of post-event surveys and you will regret never having done them. Firstly, they provide you with a lot of valuable feedback, which helps you to assess your performance as a host and learn how people see you.

If pre-webinar surveys help you to have an insight into your audience’s expectations, post-webinar ones actually tell you if they were met or not. Getting opinions of different people will help better yourself and see what you need to work on.

2. Using Whiteboard
Whiteboard is one solid tool to give life to boring webinars. It spices up your webinars by allowing you to draw illustrations, use different tools and text boxes to make the experience more enjoyable and absorbing. Conduct a survey and you will see how many people would like to see a whiteboard rather than stare at you all throughout the webinar.
CreateWebinar has a whiteboard feature which is bound to become your best friend if you are looking into making your online classes and trainings less boring.

3. Share The Desktop
Sharing is caring, they say. Share the desktop with webinar participants and make them feel like an important part of the event. This way will encourage participation and attract a lot of new participants. Sometimes people take part in online classes and trainings because they want to stay home and learn, but because there are many other obstacles, such as travelling, physical conditions, etc. Making these people feel all the advantages of live classes will only make your webinars to stand out more.
CreateWebinar platform allows you to share the desktop with your webinar attendees and make your online lessons feel like real ones, where everybody has a voice.

There are multiple ways of turning plain webinars into some gripping online sessions. It has become hard to impress people with basic slides and presentations. Trying new formats will be a new experience both for you and your audience and will contribute to the diversity of your content. In addition to this, webinar platforms now offer various tools, so be wise and make use of them.

Think creatively and remember that webinars are NOT boring!

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