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Boost Your Rating! 12 Tips to Create Better Webinars

Author: Create Webinar Team

With each day, the world becomes more and more technology-driven. And since the time is an invaluable asset nowadays, people seek to find the best optimal solution to manage everything in the shortest period of time. These ambitions have also strongly affected the way people choose to gain information. Hence, today, regular classes are often replaced by online workshops or seminars, in other words, webinars.

So, what is webinar? Suppose you want to attend a seminar. In case of live meetings, you may face various issues in terms of scheduling your time, traveling all the way to attend a seminar and other costs associated with making special arrangements. And if your desired masterclass takes place abroad, your discomfort level gets multiplied.

The webinars provide people with a great opportunity to participate in seminars on the Internet from anywhere they prefer without any difficulty. Moreover, these online meetings are also efficient tools for the presenters. Whether you are a private instructor, coach or freelancer, the web seminar can help you reach the desired target audience, deliver value or promote and sell products.

However, it requires a lot of effort to make the webinars really effective and, at the same time entertaining, as the participants can easily lose interest when the speaker is on the other side of the screen.

The webinar should be a perfect combination of relevant information and engaging presentation. So, you should create your web meeting attractive enough to hold the attention of your listeners.

If you want to delve into the essence of webinars and gain insight into their main features read our article on “The Secrets Behind Webinars. What is it, Why Do We Need It and How to Create One?”.

Here you can check out some interesting tips on how to succeed in creating a powerful webinar, making it more attractive.

Choose an eye-catching title

The first impression is the most crucial factor of the webinar. Although you may take care of every aspect to create a flawless virtual meeting, it will be quite difficult to gather your target audience without a compelling title.

So, you might want to start with an interesting webinar title selection. Some studies show that the right chosen seminar heading can significantly increase the registration percent. The same is with webinars: you can use some of the most engaging title formulas like How to’s, Beginner’s Guides or Lists that will make your topic enticing to the readers. These titles are already proved to work best.

Moreover, you should establish your authority and convince the listeners in a very short time that the seminar topic is really useful for them. If you fail to position yourself as a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker, the participants will feel that they are wasting their time and will leave the webinar very soon.

Combine your excellent public speaking skills with great content

Public speaking is an essential element that helps to create a positive impression during the seminar. You should also do a proper research regarding the topic to be fully ready for the presentation. This is an essential point if you want to provide a high-quality content. Knowing every aspect of your topic will help you create a meaningful content and confidently answer to your audience’s questions.

Involve your audience

Usually people are shy to ask questions during a meeting. They may think that everyone already knows the answer to their question or they might interrupt the session. As a webinar host, your goal is to make everyone comfortable to ask questions whenever they arise. This is very important for audience engagement.

So, it will be very helpful to “break the ice” at the beginning of the seminar by asking the participants to introduce themselves or to share their experience. This can also help you understand people’s expectation from the session before even starting your presentation.

You can also use some smart tricks for even better results. Imagine that you are the audience and try to create a list of potential questions, that you think the participants may have during the webinar. You may bring one of such questions as an example to show that it’s normal to ask something like that during the seminar.

However, don’t use this approach too much as everything should be done very naturally to have the necessary positive impact on participants.

Create an interactive webinar

The more the listeners participate during the webinar, the more engaged they will be. So, it will be wise to provide them a chance to express their opinion. This will help you make your online meeting more interesting and boost the probability that the participants will attend to your future webinars.

Besides the main discussion of the topic and exchange of thoughts, there are other powerful tactics to create friendly atmosphere during the class too.

First, try to have some fun. Unlike a live presentation, the webinars have the tendency to make the participants feel a little bit disconnected. So, try to make some jokes or share interesting stories to make your webinar session more entertaining.

However, don’t try to be too funny as it can have a reverse effect on the audience. There is a fine line between being entertaining and unserious.

You can also provide the audience an opportunity to select the topics for the next online meetings. This will make the participants to feel that their voice and opinion is valuable to you.

Get the answers by social media or by asking the audience to comment on what they want to discuss next. Moreover, CreateWebinar.com has a chat window that can assist you with this by easily collecting the voting results.

Prepare a backup plan

Although you have perfectly organized every aspect of your webinar meeting, there may be some unexpected situations that can easily spoil the whole impression of your webinar.

Having a plan B in scenarios like an unexpected computer crash or poor internet connection may save your presentation. Plus, you will feel more confident and relaxed.

Use visually appealing slides

Unlike live classes, online meetings require a little more creativity in designing your presentation slides or preparing other resources. Here you may not be able to fully use your body language and your charisma.

So, make sure you prepare visually appealing slides with beautiful images or diagrams if necessary.

However, don’t forget about the text. Your content can be arranged in bullet points, as long texts seem too boring. It is also advised to make one slide per point, so that for every two minutes you have a new slide to present to your audience.

Break up the webinar session into several sections

It may be a real challenge to follow the class for an hour and a half and remember all the information. To make your webinar useful and effective it will be better to divide it into several 15-minute sections covering the specific concepts and points of the topic.

You can use the break period for the Q&A session and the discussion of the topic to make sure that the audience got the key points. This structure will give some time to the participants to digest every detail from your speech and don’t get tired because of huge amount of information.

Invite a guest speaker

To make your webinar even more exciting you can have a guest speaker who would share useful ideas and experience related to the topic. This is a good way of taking some pressure off you.

The presence of the guest speaker will ensure the trustworthiness of your webinar. Moreover, the audience will have a great opportunity to listen to another opinion and gain more extensive knowledge regarding the topic.

Don’t forget about SEO and promotion

Besides creating great content, make sure that your target audience easily finds your webinar. For that, you should check whether your chosen topic is SEO-optimized.

You can also significantly increase the webinar attendance rate by sending invitation emails to potential participants or by promoting it on social media. Moreover, it will be great if the participants used hashtags when discussing the webinar. This will increase the popularity of your webinar and bring more attendees to your future presentations.

Think about mobile lovers

Many people now use their mobiles for practically everything. Hence, mobile optimization is an absolute must for successful webinar creation.

Simply make sure that the text size, slides and the overall design of the webinar work perfectly for the mobile devices as well. This way, you will have much more participants attending your web meeting.

Other details to consider

There are minor things that can have a huge impact on the webinar quality. For example, consider the time zone when setting a meeting. Make sure the time is convenient for the most participants.

Furthermore, prepare your studio space for hosting a webinar. Try to find a quiet room where you can be alone. Always turn off your computer and mobile notifications not to be distracted. If your web seminar is from home office, make sure that your family members and pets will not enter the room and interrupt the class.

You should also be ready for the presentation at least 10 minutes earlier before the beginning. This way you will have enough time to check if all the necessary devices are working properly.

Survey your audience

Last, but not least, always remember that the feedback of the audience is important for self-improvement. You can do a short easy-to-answer survey after every webinar to know what you could have done better and learn about your strongest sides.

So, if you are wondering whether the webinar was useful and interesting for the listeners, just ask them about it.

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