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Why You Should Consider Using Webinars

Author: Create Webinar Team

Why You Should Consider Using Webinars

What is a webinar? A “webinar” is a trendy word for seminars/ presentations/ lessons taking place on the internet and involving participants from different locations. In short, a webinar is an online seminar.

These web-based seminars are gradually becoming more and more popular along with the advancement of new technology. The main purpose of webinars is to inform, demonstrate or educate the audience. Whether you are hosting an online class or you are among the participants, webinars work great in terms of transferring valuable knowledge, information or expertise from one side to the other.

Unlike the recorded tutorials or trainings, webinars are much more interactive as participants may (with the host’s permission) ask questions online. This does make a world of difference and it feels like physically attending a seminar.

Speaking of attending, some webinars may be hosted by people living far away from you and with webinars, you don’t have to travel all the way to take part in a meeting. By saving an enormous amount of time and money, you can be at any webinar you want without having to leave your home.

Another thing that your audience will thank you for is that you may record the webinar which then can be downloaded by the participants. The audience can go through the recorded content once again for a much deeper understanding.

All in all, webinars can be a great addition to everyone’s marketing arsenal, be it for businesses, teachers, lecturers, bloggers or individuals wanting to share their knowledge.

In this article, we will introduce the uses for webinars in different fields and the unique benefits they may offer for each case.

How does a webinar work?

Depending on your purpose, you can either be the one who hosts a webinar and create an entire informative session for your audience, or you can be among the participants seeking relevant knowledge in a certain field. In CreateWebinar you can easily do both by taking the first step – registration.

If you are hosting

After you have registered, you will be offered to choose from various membership plans that range from having a Standard Control Panel (Free) to using a Private Server. Surely, these plans provide a certain number of benefits, such as free support, webinar access control, branding possibility, elimination of ads, etc. Therefore, depending on what you want to achieve through hosting a webinar, you can explore all the options and choose the plan that best meets your needs.

When preparing your webinar, you can customize absolutely everything; decide how you want your webinar room to appear, select the appropriate color scheme, add a logo, etc.
Once you have gathered your ideas and arranged your topics, you can now create your webinar through Createwebinar.com. Organize a convenient meeting time for your group, and also decide if everyone can join your webinar or approvals may be required. If only a limited number of participants are allowed to participate, then you can make a closed list and include everyone there.

When your webinar is ready, you can promote it to notify all interested participants about the topic and the scheduled time.

With just a few quick steps webinars help people to share their expertise, organize a web meeting, provide online training, and also earn money online.

If you are attending

If you have been invited to a webinar or there is a certain web meeting that you want to attend, here again, you need to register first. Once you have created an account on your preferred platform, you may then attend a webinar. Usually, webinars have a large variety of various tools, however, the most essential one is probably the live chat, where you may ask your questions directly to the presenter.

Unlike the recorded videos, webinars are great if you are searching for more interactive lessons or trainings.

Plus, at Createwebinar.com you may always go back to your webinar history and review the list of attended webinars. This is a very useful tool to keep track of all webinar programs that you have participated and revisit them if you need to refresh your knowledge.

Benefits of webinars

The reason why webinars are rapidly becoming everyone’s favorite free web conferencing tool is that it offers many great features that both the host and participant may benefit from. For instance, participants can join a webinar from their workplace or without to leave their homes. There is no need to make special arrangements for that.

Or if you are an entrepreneur or a business representative, hosting a webinar will help you build a contact database. The list of advantages may go on and that’s why we have compiled the most significant benefits of webinars and sorted them into different categories. So, which one is your case?

1. Webinars for businesses

Apart from building a fresh database of people who are interested in a product, businesses often use free webinars to raise brand awareness. The point here is not selling the products through a webinar but presenting an engaging and valuable content for your audience that will make them fans of the brand.

The topic you choose doesn’t even have to be directly connected to your products or services. Yet, it is important to base your webinar on those topics that you know your audience will be eager to discuss. Your presentation should contain useful information that will make people arrange some time to participate in your webinar.

Another more obvious reason for businesses holding a webinar, is, of course, the sales. Unlike other marketing techniques, businesses tend to succeed more with webinars when they aim to build trust and long-term relationship with their customers.

The most important thing to remember here is that the speaker has to speak genuinely, be passionate about the topic, and seem approachable.

Moreover, webinars are a great tool for top management to organize employee trainings online.

2. Webinars for private educational institutions

Schools and universities also try to keep up with the fast-changing technology world and have succeeded in implementing webinars as an e-learning resource. Students may easily connect with their instructors to enhance their knowledge and ask questions. And the instructors, in their turn, can also record their presentation and allow students to download all the important learning materials later.

If you are wondering how else the schools and other educational institutions may use webinars, here is a helpful article “How Can Private Educational Centers Benefit from Webinar Platforms?” that will answer all your questions.

3. Webinars for individuals

If you are an experienced professional in a certain field and you wish to share your knowledge and expertise with interested people, then webinars might be a handy tool for you. As one of the main purposes of webinars is to educate, specialists around the world can connect to their audience who seek up-to-date and reliable information.

Teachers may organize online classes and help many students to overcome challenges regarding a certain subject. Moreover, people are ready to pay for truly useful lectures that contribute to their professional development.

In terms of home based jobs, webinars also work perfectly by providing a reliable and convenient platform for sharing ideas and knowledge. For instance, imagine a stay at home mom wants to start an online job. By registering to one of the most popular webinar platforms, she may create a presentation on any topic she wants, make slides, provide learning resources and invite her audience.

Today, many mothers use webinars to share their experience of motherhood and give some very useful tips to other mothers registering to attend their webinar meeting.
Moreover, many bloggers use webinars for their social media marketing. It turns out that people appreciate when a certain product is demonstrated live and a blogger shares their opinion by showcasing the product’s special features.

Freelancers also benefit from webinars in different ways. Firstly, webinars are an excellent platform for an online video chat. Freelancers may expand their network by reaching their audience members both professionally and personally.

Plus, if you are a freelancer, you might already know that some clients require a certain demonstration of skills before that trust you with bigger projects. Hence, webinars may help to sell your expertise and convince your clients that you are worthy for their future projects.

4. Webinars for participants

If you like learning new things, then webinars are a must for you. Not only you will save time by connecting to the lecture online from your home or office, but many excellent webinars are available to the public completely for free.

Not to mention, that you will have access to the content and learning materials after the webinar. This means you can review the presentation later.

Lecturers and speakers spend quite a lot of time when preparing a real-life seminar or workshops. Sometimes, all this process may even take several months.

In this respect, webinars provide more flexibility, as the presenters will have more time to research and explore the needs and expectations of their audience, and hence deliver relevant and timely information.

Due to the rising popularity of webinars, people may now access to multiple trainings, lectures, product demonstration videos, and other types of resources and gain valuable knowledge in the area they are interested in.

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