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10 Benefits of Webinars for Businesses

Author: Create Webinar Team

Benefits of Webinars for Businesses

If you are running a business or are planning to do so, then considering webinars for business development is the right thing to do.

Webinars have long become a game-changing marketing tool. Online seminars, meetings and conference can contribute to the development of your business, bringing it more acknowledgement and trust. Moreover, webinars are a way of generating leads by actually providing value to these potential customers.

Businesses benefit from webinars in many ways. Here are some of them.

New Product Release: What Do People Think?

Have you been working on a product and it is about time you presented it to the public? You are probably debating over how to make the launch of your new product or service exciting enough and a little memorable. Webinar is the answer!

Organize the pre-launch of your product in the form of a webinar. With CreateWebinar free webinar platform you can manage the list of people who will be eligible to take part in the important event. CreateWebinar allows hosts to conduct closed-list access webinars. This will let you host a kind of private digital event.

During the pre-launch webinar, you can demonstrate how your product works and tell the story behind it. You can even share your experience of creating the product. Sharing your product first with a very specific audience will help you target the right people from day one.

Releasing digital products with webinars is even more efficient. Desktop sharing feature will allow you to demonstrate your product in-action.

After a successful pre-launch webinar with a smaller, very specifically targeted audience, you can go ahead and host the actual product release webinar for everyone else that wants to attend the ‘launch party’.

This kind of online events will also help you to get a clue of what is the first impression of your potential customers. Conducting a small Q&A session will also be of great help both for you and the attendees. They will get answers to their initial questions, and you, on your end, will not only be able to make improvements to the product (if possible) but also improve the way you present it.

After you have officially announced the launch of your product by means of a webinar, be sure that you have also done some word-of-mouth marketing.

Market Research and Customer Experience Webinars

Conducting market research is a costly, but necessary activity for every business. Webinars can be an alternative way of conducting cost-efficient but still productive market research.

If you are planning on developing a specific product or providing certain services, host a webinar related to that product or service. This will help you detect the needs and expectations of your potential customers and take notes.

In addition to that, you can conduct surveys, send out polls and questionnaires to the webinar attendees using the registration email address list.

If you are running an already established business, webinars are an amazing way to learn about your customers’ experience when using your product or service. Not only will it help this contribute to your constant improvement, but will also make your customers feel engaged and valued.

Lead Generation

One of the reasons companies conduct webinars is to generate leads. To sign up for a webinar, attendees will have to submit their email addresses in order to get registered.

You can use these contacts to build an email list for your future marketing campaigns. People who have attended your webinar already have some knowledge and information about you, your brand, product or service. This means that they will most likely pay attention to the emails you send their way. And it will be much easier to convert these leads into customers in the long run.

Having a good lead list is important for any business that takes marketing campaigns and activities seriously. Thus, conducting free webinars with the sole purpose of generating quality leads is worth your time and resources.

Next Level Customer Reach and Engagement

Webinars know no boundaries. Online seminars are easily the most cost-efficient way to reach out to an unlimited number of customers across borders in real-time.

You can reach to all kinds of people via webinars. People from all parts of the world, of different professions, age and nationality can attend your webinar. The only thing they should have in common is an internet connection.

Reaching out to audiences that have different time zones with CreateWebinar is not a problem either, as you can simply record your webinar and use it any time you want.

However, if you want to give additional value to your webinar and make it a one-time event, do not record it. Let the attendees know that if they miss it, that’s it!

Webinars are a great way for enterprises to boost the engagement of their customers. Customers like their voices to be heard. Conduct webinars and let your customers speak. Chat with them and exchange opinions. Let them express their mind on your product or service, or any topic that is relevant to you and them. Give them the opportunity to ask and answer questions.

Networking and Sales

Webinars are a great way of networking both for business-runners and webinar attendees. If you are hosting an event on a very specific topic and engaging a very specific audience, it means that all these people have something in common. Most likely, they are from the same field or at least have the same interests.

On your end, not only do you get to acquire emails of people that attend your online seminars, but you also get to establish some kind of a relationship with them. It is more than obvious that you are going to present yourself before starting the actual online meeting. Make sure to make the self-presentation part memorable and impactful.

To further ensure your new webinar acquaintances, make sure to connect with them on Twitter or Linkedin.

Webinars can also help you sell your product or service without trying too hard. If this is your goal, then make sure you are doing it the right way. The key is to teach and sell at the same time. During your online seminars, present your product in such a way that before you offer your attendees to buy it, they already want it themselves. To jazz up things, even more, you can present special offers to webinar attendees. You know that the best way to promote your business is a happy and satisfied customer, don’t you?

Driving Traffic and Improving Your Website Ranking

Many business owners have stated that webinars have driven a lot of traffic to their websites. This is explained by the fact that the popularity of video materials has skyrocketed, and webinars are videos in some sense. Moreover, they are even better than videos, as there is a person presenting some kind of a material LIVE and the audience is engaged, in contrast to a video-watching that is not interactive both ways.

Webinars can help businesses to improve their ranking on search engines, such as Google or Bing. Websites that have better and higher-quality content, including good video content, get a much higher ranking.

To enrich your website with video content host webinars, record them and brake them down into short videos. The average length of online seminars is 60 minutes. This is six 10-minute videos for your website. Another good thing about breaking down a single webinar into multiple parts is that people will keep coming back for the continuation.

Everybody likes series, so go ahead and create yours!

Online Meeting Made Easy!
If you have just started your business and are in need of a way to communicate with clients or partners abroad, webinar meetings can be the most money-saving way to organize conferences. In addition to saving resources, meetings organized with such webinar platforms will make it more professional. Also, webinar platforms have multiple helpful features, such as making presentations, sharing desktop, etc.

If you are a bigger company that has multiple offices and hundreds of employees, it is much more effective and time-saving to host a webinar conference, rather than organize a meeting that will take more time and resources.

In addition to webinar meetings, webinar platforms such as CreateWebinar will help you conduct trainings for your employees. This kind of virtual trainings has multiple benefits. Firstly, they will be much more convenient for your workers – they will not be obliged to move from place to place. Secondly, you can train a nearly unlimited amount of employees all at once. And last but not least, you can hire a trainer from abroad and give your employees the chance to branch out and broaden their horizon.

If you are looking into ways to effectively build your business, do not leave webinars out! Online seminars, meetings and conferences have the power to majorly contribute to your business. A webinar is an affordable tool that will assist you in brand building, gaining authority and trust. Additionally, it will help you establish better relationships with your existing or potential customers. The times of just selling products are long gone. Now what really works is showing your customers that you value their opinion and want to improve your product or service to meet their needs and expectations.

Make use of webinars in the right way and you will definitely see the benefits it can bring to your business.

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