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How To Promote Your Blog Through Webinars

Author: Create Webinar Team

Promoting Your Blog with Webinars

During the past few years, webinars have become a trendy tool for conducting live presentations, video conferences, web meetings, tutorials and training, and for many other purposes. This is, therefore, no surprise that with the development of modern technology, people are also gradually becoming more tech-savvy.

Now, anyone with a laptop and internet connection can create a webinar on any topic and come live with their presentation. Taking into account, that you have properly done research and adequately prepared your content, this amazing online tool, can be the ultimate way for drawing in a large audience who is sincerely interested in your topic.

For some businesses and entrepreneurs, this becomes a great opportunity for marketing their products and services. Just think about it; webinars don’t involve any major costs such as facility costs, handout materials, travel expenses and of course, time.
With seminars, you will need to plan this all and still have no guarantee of getting the expected results. Webinars, on the other hand, involve very little risk of failure compared to live workshops and conference meetings.

This is the reason, why more and more people including teachers, bloggers, business representatives, and individuals are interested in the various webinar features and the ways they can be implemented for different purposes.

In this article, we will shed some light on how bloggers can benefit from running a webinar and using them as an effective marketing tool for driving traffic to their blog sites.

Advantages of Webinars

There are three main purposes of webinars: inform, demonstrate and educate. That’s why many people prefer attending webinars when they need to learn or get reliable information about something.

Often bloggers are just the right source for getting an expert opinion on some product or service. As a host, they should be aware of the expectations of their audience, hence use the full list of webinar advantages to meet them.

Here are the main reasons why bloggers should consider using webinars:

Face to face networking with your audience

If you are a blogger and you have been writing blog posts for a while, then you probably know that writing often fails to build that sincere connection with your audience. Therefore, prepare a speech and host webinar. Show people that you are a real person who is passionate about what they write in their blog.

Direct contact during the webinars will create some interaction. People will get to know you better and you will know your audience. This may even have a positive effect on your writing.

Moreover, “face to face” virtual networking has always been a great tool for promoting. As a blogger, you may get honest feedback from the webinar attendees and know which direction to take.

You may showcase your personality and get people like you. Also, there will be no misunderstanding, as the audience will be able to ask questions during the webinar or the Q&A session.

Building a list

By creating a webinar with a relevant topic that interests your target audience, you may gather a large and useful email list. Attendees will have to register first, to access your webinar. Hence, if you provide them with valuable information on whatever topic, this may be a fair exchange.

Building an email list is important if you are planning to promote your blog. You will have the details of people who may potentially become your loyal readers or buyers (if you are selling goods/services on your blog).

Creating your business

If your blog or website is dedicated to certain products or service, then webinars may be extremely useful for developing your brand and creating your business. Engage with your audience on a personal level. And in case you are selling something through your blog, then webinars offer a great opportunity for live product demonstrations.

Webinar Marketing

As mentioned before, it is no secret that webinars are exceptional marketing tools nowadays. But how many bloggers know how to use them for promoting their blog websites?

The trick here is to understand that webinars on their own cannot become the main product for bloggers to sell. In their case, hosting a free webinar should serve as an intermediary platform to direct your audience to your blog which offers an exclusive product.

In other words, your webinar should be based on interesting and engaging topic, have valuable content to make people get even more interested and motivated to check out your blog for “the rest” of information.

There are several tips you could use to make this entire process work.

  1. Create truly valuable content. People should feel that they have gained important knowledge or at the end of the webinar session, they have their questions answered. If you are planning to use a presentation, then make sure that the slides look well-organized and aesthetically pleasing.

  2. Don’t charge your attendees for participation. People will be more motivated to attend to a free webinar, knowing that even if they don’t like it, there’s no financial risk involved. Of course, you might need to promote the webinar to reach a larger audience. But the cost will be worth it when many people attend your session and get directed to your blog, where you will make a call to action.
    There are however excellent platforms like CreateWebinar.com that have many great subscription options such as free membership package and a possibility to subscribe to an hourly rate plan. Depending on how often you are planning to organize a webinar, choose the best membership option for you.

  3. Do not reveal all your cards during the webinar. The web meeting should give an insight into what people will get if they visit your blog. Your webinar content should be intriguing and make people come for more. It will be useless to provide all your resources and the most “selling” information during the webinar and offer people to buy something less valuable on the blog.

How to promote your blog through webinars?

As a blogger, you might already know that traditional ads may not be effective for growing your blog. Especially when you are looking to engage loyal readers that are truly interested in your content.

Webinars, on the other hand, are a great platform for more personal interaction with your audience. You may organize a free webinar and give a little insight into your main content that is available exclusively on your blog.

If you want to use webinars for promoting your blog, here are the main ways you can do that:

Be present everywhere

You may have shared your blog content to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. but with webinars, you can broaden your reach. Your recorded webinars can be shared everywhere. For instance, you can start a YouTube channel and post your videos there. With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube can be one of the best platforms to promote your blog site.

Reuse your old topics

If you have had some excellent blog posts in the past, but now they are old and nobody reads it, you can dedicate an engaging webinar to one of those topics. This works great especially when a topic, for some reason, becomes relevant again.

This will be a nice opportunity to attract new readers to your blog.

Deliver your content in a brand-new way

Particularly in the case of large content, when some readers may not want to read long texts, you can create an entertaining webinar to present the content in a video format. People are usually more likely to learn the same long content through videos than blog posts.

This is yet again a good chance to invite more people to follow your blog.

Present blog series with webinars

Sometimes there may be topics that you can’t cover in a single blog post. And even if you do, many people will not be bothered to read endless texts. That’s why it could be a good idea to create a webinar series and invite your audience.

This way you can make your content more engaging and direct interested participants to your blog page.

Go live with webinars during special events

No matter in what field you are operating; whether your blog is about the beauty industry, health & fitness, learning, writing, cooking, sports or anything else, people will be even more excited when you go to industry-related events and run a live webinar.

If usually, you would create a post about a conference or workshop, going live will generate the online buzz. This will attract more people.

Simply remember to let your audience know about the upcoming live webinar beforehand, so that many people join you.

Also, you can invite the speaker or an expert to give some live introduction to the event. Your audience will be even more excited when they get to see who’s going to be present at the conference.


To wrap up, here are the main take-home points.

Webinars can be excellent blogging tools if you know how to implement them. Videos will help you expand your online presence, which was limited to text-based content.

If you haven’t communicated with your audience through videos before, it might feel uncomfortable at first. However, with each webinar session, you will get more confident and eventually, it will feel like having an unscripted conversation with your attendees.

The next important point is to make sure you offer free webinars to your readers. These have a great potential of becoming effective sales funnels.

The only drawback here is that most webinar platforms charge monthly fees. However, if you compare your costs to benefits, you will see that you have gained much more in the end.

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