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How To Use Webinars In Business And Make a Profit

Author: Create Webinar Team

Nowadays webinars are becoming an essential part of many businesses for various reasons, starting from promotion to education and customer care. The following points stated in this post will help you to reach a huge customer base and come up with right business decisions.

1. Webinars reach customers around the world on a real-time basis.
You can introduce your product or service and deliver its value to hundreds of prospects interested in your product or service. You can tell how your product or service can help them and what your value proposition is. Your audience can ask you questions and get answers on the training.

2. Get feedback about product or service and make modifications that will fit costumers’ needs.
It is very important to improve goods or services in continuing basis in order to win the rivalry. The feedback from customers is a powerful tool for improving a quality of products and services. “Fine-tuned” products and services will guarantee sustainable profit and cost saving compared with competitors.

3. A webinar can be a form of market research to understand the demand for new product or service instead of conducting traditional costly market research.
Before launching a new product, you should conduct market research and understand the need for a new product or service for planning business processes. Market research is necessary, but costly and timely tool. The webinar can be a suitable tool for some kind of market research to gain fast and big data (polls, multiple choice questionnaires etc.).

4. Networking is everything in the 21st century.
No doubt that networking is one of the cornerstones of successful business. The webinar itself is kind of networking. By adding some feedback futures to the webinars you can be in touch with customers, suppliers, partners etc. Current IT technologies allow designing systems with wide range of futures (for example webinar with simultaneous sales or order futures).

5. Education and training
There is no success in business without continuing education of employees. A webinar is a wonderful tool for organizing continuing educational process for all employees. Organizing the training or education is very hard and costly when offices or production sites are located far from the head office or training centre. Organizing education and training by webinars, enterprise saves two important things in business: time and money.

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How To Make are NOT Boring Webinars!

Author: Create Webinar Team

There are times when people hear the word webinar and they think of it as something boring. People find that online seminars without face-to-face communication and interaction may not be so interesting. Along with this, some people think that they will feel relaxed when they are not in front of public and will not stay concentrated and attentive to webinar. However, the specialists who organize the webinars already know the concerns of the public. They take into account all the drawbacks that webinars may have and work to enhance them. That is why the majority of webinars are NOT actually boring. Let’s look closer to this topic and understand why webinars are interactive and how professionals make it creative and engaging.

Webinars make connections!
Webinars are often one-sided but it does not mean that they are not personal and interactive. Webinar makers are often friendly and they use conversational language. This helps to create an environment where everyone is in equal position to understand and contribute to the topic. Along with this, webinar makers make more interactive slides. They understand that slides are essential to grab listeners attention and keep them involved in the topic. So, the slides are created in an attractive way, contain a lot of useful information and sometimes are even funny!

Voice is important!
In addition, lecturers pay specific attention to their voice and verbal communication skills. They know that speaking in an annoying and boring way will have negative consequences. So, they are well trained and prepared to engage people in the topic and speak with authority and confidence, because voice is the king in webinars. Along with this, there are webinars with two or more presenters. This is done to escape boring presentations and make people stay engaged.

Webinars are convenient and cost saving!
Isn’t it annoying when some professor at university does not allow to brink coffee or sweets with you? During the webinars you get very valuable and useful information in a place you feel comfortable with a cup of warm coffee. What is more important people do not need to travel abroad to participate in webinars. It saves both time and money as you connect to webinar online from your preferred place. Also, people feel more relaxed and it helps them to catch the information easier.

Live Q&A at the end!
People can ask questions at the end of webinar. A lot of people may feel more confident to ask question when they are not in front of public. There is no fear of asking a “stupid” question and people address all the questions they have confidently. There are even some webinars that give prizes to the attentive listeners who first correctly answers the questions at the end of the webinar. This motivates people and engages them to listen carefully and make notes to be able to participate in the Q&A session in the end of the session.
Well, as you see webinars are pretty interesting and engaging. It is very important to participate in some webinars and then form an opinion about them. As webinars may seem boring when you hear about them but they may turn very engaging when you participate in them!

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Changelog. March 2018

Author: Create Webinar Team

● Now you can create groups of contacts and invite them to your webinar with just a couple of clicks
● E-mail invitations now include ICS file that allows you to add events in your calendar
● Now you can join webinars by entering your ID right from the Dashboard

● Verification of user account during registration updated

● Minor issues on mobile version are fixed
● Uploading Avatar is fixed

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10 Measurable Stats to Consider Before Running Your Next Webinar

Author: Create Webinar Team

Createwebinar.com team has conducted a research to find out measurable data that can be used to maximize the benefits of hosting webinars. Whether you have been using webinars for years, or if you are a beginner, the data below can be a valuable asset for your next webinar.

1. The optimal length of webinar should be 30-45 minutes (Q&A included)
85% of attendees prefer webinars to last 30- 45 minutes, while 10% prefer longer webinars and only 5% would consider shorter ones. If you target greater number of audience, you should consider splitting your long webinars and filling the shorter ones.

2. Most preferred time for hosting a webinar is 11am
While after-work time is perceived to be the best time for webinars, the research showed that webinars conducted in the mornings are preferred to later time webinars, 11am being the time preferred by 32%.

3. Tuesday is the best day of the week for webinars
While Tuesdays are preferred by the majority of webinar attendees, Wednesdays and Thursday are next in the row. Midweek is also considered the best period for sending emails to potential attendees. Mondays and Fridays should be avoided, as people are either busy or take day off.

4. Live Q&A is important
Over 90% of audience wants live Q&A after the webinar session ends. Thus, it should be included in the overall webinar session. You should set amount of time to devote to Q&A beforehand and may have a FAQ at hand to go through yourself.

5. On average people watch only 1 webinar per week
This statistics means that you should use all you marketing knowledge and techniques to compete with others, not only within your sphere but also within other spheres, as your target audience can have different, sometimes unrelated interests.

6. Promote your webinars at least 3 weeks in advance
Using all means of marketing, make sure to start 3 weeks in advance. While about 29% register the day of the webinar, about 17% of attendees register 3 weeks before. You should remember that not all registrants attend webinars, thus the 17% makes almost the half of those that will actually attend.

7. On average 35-45% of webinar registrants will actually attend
Research shows that about one third of people who signed up will actually attend the webinar. Surprisingly, the ration is a consistent one.

8. 150 people is the average number of webinar attendees
While 150 is not a bad target, if you want to reach it, you should get about 500 sign ups, considering the previous statistics.

9. Recording and Replaying Webinars is key for improvement and reaching to more people
While recording and replaying webinars can be beneficial for the host to improve, it is also essential for reaching audience who don’t necessarily look for live webinars, either because of time zone or the busy lifestyle and who comprise 30% of registrants.

10. Engage your audience with your enthusiasm
While visuals play an important role for engaging audience, it takes only 15% of the stake. Q&A goes in parallel with visuals. While relevant content is the most important factor (almost 40%) to engage audience, one third of audience mentions that enthusiasm of the host has been the greatest contributor.

Check out createwebinar.com today for tips and create YOUR webinar right away.

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Changelog. February 2018

Author: Create Webinar Team

● Now you can test connection with your BBB server before adding. Use “Check BBB API” button to check if your server is ready for webinars.

● Validation of login field on Sign in page improved
● Number of lines showing in tables now saved in your profile

● Minor issues fixed

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Changelog. January 2018

Author: Create Webinar Team

● Ability to archive or delete webinars from your webinar list added
● Organizer timezone in email notification added
● Possibility for organizer to stop webinar at any time after 5 minutes from start added

● Add confirmation before password reset from your profile
● Duration field on “create webinar” form now in hours

● Minor issues fixed

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Changelog. December 2017

Author: Create Webinar Team

● Records and Schedule now in one table
● First subscription plan added
● Possibility to connect to your BBB server via SSH from the site added

● Add confirmation before password reset

● Minor issues fixed

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Changelog. November 2017

Author: Create Webinar Team


  • Now you can upload selected webinar’s video to Vimeo in PRO account
  • Additional components for webinar recording
  • Checkbox that allows to see webinars with Achieved status at list is added
  • OAuth2 service of Vimeo is created.


  • Webinar and records status now update in background


  • Fix minor issues

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About CreateWebinar.com key features

Author: Create Webinar Team

CreateWebinar is a service that allows you to create and host online conferences, lectures, trainings, courses and other types of seminars. CreateWebinar is using BigBlueButton (BBB)* opensource solution and provides a control panel for a webinar platform. It can be a useful tool for those who already have their own BBB server and for those who don’t want to worry about server configuration and are looking for a user-friendly tool for conducting webinars. CreateWebinar offers different packages based on preferences, including a FREE standard control panel package for those who already have their own BBB server. Some of the basic features include:

  • managing webinar schedule;
  • choosing among 3 types of webinar privacy – open for all, requiring approval, and a closed list;
  • creating contact list for automated notifications and invites;
  • recording webinars;
  • accessing recorded webinars online, downloading or uploading to Vimeo;
  • inviting unlimited number of attendees, etc.

Whether you are a professional who offers private services as a freelancer, coach, consultant or a mentor, or you are running a small business, or managing a private educational institution, CreateWebinar will have a convenient solution for you!

Manage Parameters

Forget about console and unfriendly settings! Control your webinar parameters right from the website createwebinar.com. If you still want to connect via SSH you can do it from the website!
Only using createwebinar.com you can create 3 different types of webinar on your BBB server: open for all, approval required, closed list.
“Open for all” webinar is open for anybody who have a link.
“Approval required” allows anybody who have link to request access to webinar that have to be approved by organizer.
“Closed list” access to webinar will have participants listed during creation only.

Manage Address Book

Create and edit your own contact list! You can add new contact by e-mail or upload XLS file using our template.

Customize webinar room

Choose your own style of webinar room. Add your logo, choose color scheme etc

Get Our Vidget

Add our widget to your website to allow you visitors create webinars from your site using our service (coming soon)

Manage Webinar Schedule

Create your webinar plan! You can edit webinar parameters before start with auto notification about changes all of the participants.

Manage Webinar Archive

All webinars information in one place, including names, dates, lists of participants and video records.

Manage Webinar Records

You have several options for record after webinar: download MP4 file, watch record online or upload it to Vimeo hosting.

Invite To You Webinar

You can easily invite users to your webinar by email. Just add emails of participants from your contacts or via XLS file during webinar creation and invitations will be sent automatically. Invitation includes all necessary webinar information and link to webinar.

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