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Why Choose Us

Free control panel for BigBlueButton server

Free Webinar Academy

Friendly community and fast support

Hourly rates

Webinars are convenient

• Forget about a console. Change webinar parameters directly and simply from the website.
• 3 types of access to webinar (open for all, closed list, approval required)
• Connect to your BBB via SSH from the website
• Watch webinar recording online
• Download webinar record as MP4 file
• Upload video to YouTube from the website
• Download webinars records even if not recorded using Createwebinar.com (if you have your own BigBlueButton server)
• Customize webinar room, creating presets
• Branding your email notifications
• Custom SMTP server
• Premiuum & free support
• E-mail notifications
• Support iOS, Android without any app (HTML 5 version only)

In Figures

2 425

conducted webinars

4 110

people taking part in webinars


countries with Createwebinar users

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  • What kind of features are available using the web interface?
    Our features is listed on our blog in post About createwebinar.com key features
  • I have a BBB server via a local network. Can I use your service?
    No. Your server should be available on the Internet and have white IP address.
  • Can I invite unlimited listeners to my webinar?
    Yes, we don't limit our users and you can invite as many listeners as you want within our server capabilities. We have a special widget, which shows the maximum number of participants for certain package at the time of subscription.
  • How do I record a webinar in MP4 format?
    You should set up your BBB server according to instruction on official BBB website and run install.sh script on your server. After that you'll see download button in schedule actions menu. For details instruction you can email us on support@createwebinar.com
  • I don't have a BBB server. Can I use createwebinar.com?
    Yes. You can use our cloud virtual BBB server feature to buy a BBB server for a month or year. Also you can use hourly rate servers. If you still want to install your own server you can follow the instruction on official BBB website
  • How do I contact you?
    Write an email to support@createwebinar.com and we will answer your questions.
  • Do you have an option for automated webinar?
    No. We are currently working on the feature and we will notify about the release in our blog.

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